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Many of us think we know who we are until we’re asked to write it down or really look inside to uncover those nuggets of self-awareness. These courses will help you unearth those core pieces that help you understand you. You’ll be better prepared to make sounder decisions, build healthier relationships, and communicate more effectively.

Life Skills

We all need certain skills to navigate life, whether it’s uneventful or filled with curve balls. The problem is, we don’t always have all the knowledge we need by the time we’re expected to be adults in the world. These courses will provide you with skills to manage everything from keeping yourself safe, to taking control and forging your own path.

Professional Development

How many people do you think were brilliant at their jobs the moment they stepped into them? Hint: it’s not a big number. Every successful person takes time to develop their professional skills, like organization, leadership, collaboration, and more. What’s more, they do it for the entirety of their career. These courses will help you learn tactics, methodologies and skills that will help you grow and thrive in your professional life.

Positive Relationships

Relationships are pretty easy in grade school when you share interests like the same sports team, classes, or groups of friends. But how do you keep relationships alive and healthy in your adult life, whether they’re personal or professional relationships? Everything takes work, especially as all relationships experience highs and lows over their lifetimes. These courses will show you how to keep your relationships positive and thriving.

Leading People

We believe that everyone is a leader with or without a particular title or salary. In fact, we believe that work is just one place where people can be leaders. Through these courses, you’ll learn what it means – and what it takes – to be an authentic leader of people everywhere in your life.

Navigating Change

Change is inevitable, and we can either look forward to it and grow with it or drown in the fear of the unfamiliar and unknown. These courses will help you understand how to navigate changes in your life in a thoughtful, healthy way. You’ll develop greater resilience and be ready to handle whatever comes your way in life.

Work Life Readiness

Do you feel ready to “adult?” What about entering the workplace? Or getting married? Or becoming a supervisor or team leader? The reality is, many things happen in our lives that we’re NOT ready for, but we don’t have to sit back and accept it. These courses will offer tips and tricks to better prepare you for what life will throw your way.

Financial Wellness

It’s no secret that money is a part of life. But do you have the skills to manage and use money to enhance your life? So many of us aren’t taught basic financial wellness. When it comes to things like budgeting, saving, and investing – there’s plenty you should know before you make decisions. Explore these courses for some general how-tos and other essential financial education.

Strengths Building

What would happen if we identified and nurtured the things we’re naturally amazing at, rather than focusing on things we’re just okay or even weak at? These courses will help you learn your key individual strengths and give you tips and strategies for understanding why they’re important and how to develop them further.

Nurturing Well-being

Well-being isn’t exactly a “thing.” It’s perhaps better described as a set of skills that help us feel good about our lives and view the world through a positive, optimistic lens. These can be cultivated, just like learning to play a musical instrument or developing a professional skill, and the courses in this category will get you on your way.

Mindfulness Exercises

We all try to maintain a level of mindfulness each day, asking ourselves to be fully attentive to what’s happening around us, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. But the human brain gets distracted easily, leaving us obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Understandable, but avoidable. We’ll show you how to access and use the mindfulness techniques we’re all born with but don’t use often enough.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s pretty simple, really. Gender, race, and socio-economic gaps are real, and basic human rights are something we should all fight for. We developed these courses to share proven strategies to foster inclusivity every day. You’ll also learn about concepts like unconscious bias and an ethics compass to promote the equality of all people and help close the gaps for each group.

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