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Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller creates and connects big ideas, communities, stories, and people. He is obsessed with the idea that emerging technology, art, and an entrepreneurial mindset can transform and reinvent communities.

In May of 2015, Miller began his role as the Director of the ThINCubator, an organization meant to drive innovation and foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Utica, NY. He is a founder of TEDxUtica, YouticaEATS and co-founder the Utica Firefly Storytelling Project.

He’s a musician, a dad, and is working hard at becoming a wine snob.

Ryan has courses on Magnifi U

Three Truths and a Lie with Ryan Miller

Ryan spoke at the Magnifi U Voices Series at St. John Fisher College about what he’s found to be three truths and the lie you tell yourself.  Ryan is the founder of TedXUtica and lover of all things entrepreneurial- Ryan talks about what it takes to find your true passion.

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Building Your 10-Star Experience

Defining the Problem… And the Solution

When it comes to building a better customer experience, it helps to know what people are actually paying you to do … and how well you are doing it. In other words, what is the problem you are solving? In this course, you will gain a better understanding of the challenges your business solves, and you’ll learn how to use that knowledge to build a better customer experience.

Defining the Customer Journey

In this course, we will dissect how you currently attract and serve customers, and how your competition fares in comparison. Then, we’ll take a page from a well-known company and share how they build raving fans and great experiences. Finally, you will learn the best ways – and the right places – to invest time and money to develop an experience that is truly remarkable.

Blueprints & Infrastructure

In this final course of the learning path, we will use the tools we developed in courses 1 and 2 to help you with several things. First, we will look at how to save both time and money with your new customer experience, then we will discuss how to test and tweak, and finally, how to pull it all into a blueprint for success.

“If you want to be the noun, do the verb”

— Austin Kleon

Some of Ryan’s Favorite U Original Courses

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