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Growth Roadmap

We plan to keep improving Magnifi U as long as we have an enthusiastic and committed community. We’ll probably find some bugs along the way, and we may need to shift a few things around to create the best possible experience for all our learners. Thanks in advance for being patient while we work everything out! Here are some of the key improvements and features we’re thinking of adding in the coming months: 

Gallup CliftonStrengths®

We’re currently developing a multi course learning path to help you learn your 5 Strengths and how to develop and apply them in your life.

Thought Leader Interviews

We’re building the means to help you get closer to top thought leaders, hear about their experience and expertise, and ask them questions directly.

Premium Content

We’ll be working with experts, authors, and leaders in several fields to develop original courses, learning paths and other specialized content for you.

New Courses Every Month

We’re creating a steady flow of new material, so look for new courses, learning paths and badges every month!

Prizes and Store

The more courses you take, the more badges you earn. Convert your points to credits you can use to shop the Mag U store!

Features and Updates Based on Community Feedback

We would love for you to help us determine what comes next for Magnifi U. We’ll use your feedback to guide us as we add updates and new features to create a truly innovative experience.

And that’s just the beginning! Let us know what you think and where we can improve, and we’ll take it from there.

Can we contact you with questions?
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