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Building Resilience

When a tree sways in the wind, it returns to the center after each bend, thanks to its resilience. For human beings, resilience takes the form of our ability to bounce back from a traumatic or stressful event. In this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what resilience is and how you, too, can always find and return to your center amidst any storm.

Practicing Gratitude for Self-Confidence

There may be no bigger building block for self-confidence than having and practicing gratitude in our lives. When we take time to appreciate the elements of ourselves that we might otherwise take for granted, our self-esteem increases. That, in turn, helps us feel better about ourselves. In this course you’ll be challenged to identify and reflect on the aspects of yourself you can be grateful for, and you’ll learn valuable tips for putting gratitude into practice and boosting your self-confidence.

Intro to Mindfulness

In this course, we’re going to discuss the natural state of being called “mindfulness.” You’ll learn how to develop and practice it, how to distinguish it from meditation, and what the many benefits are of making it part of your daily life. Mindfulness encourages us to welcome and accept all things, and it enables us to take a step back and simply be.

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