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Meet Your Perfect Partner

It starts with you.


What do you want to share with the world?

Whether it’s a book, a big idea, a speaker series, or anything in between- we want to hand you the microphone.

Together we’ll build a personalized


Let’s define your goals!

What would make this course a success for you? We want to align on the partnership success metrics that matter to you and your target audience.

Just Do You What To Expect

Content Creation

Our learning development and instructional design experts will help you turn your content into micro-learning courses with activities and interactions to activate all four parts of the brain for a rich experience and enhanced engagement.


Scriptwriting, filming on a world-class soundstage, editing, design, and infographics all come together to bring your thought-leadership content to life in a micro-learning format.

Post Production


With state-of-the-art post-production and visual effects that draw the viewer in, we help you create a course that is accessible and exciting.

Launch Your Experience

Launch it!

Time to put your ideas out into the world!


Let’s get the word out

Amplify Your Message

Social Sharing

From static posts to live streaming, we know the best ways to grow your community and connect you with relevant influencers.

Amplify SEO

Personalized Landing Page

Content from social media, our influencers and marketing platform will link back to your own personalized landing page boosting SEO/SEM.

Proprietary Ad Platfornm

Proprietary Marketing Platform

Utilizing articles, blogs, ads, and quizzes related to your content, we will optimize and drive click-throughs to your Magnifi U course landing page.

Amplify Influencer Platform

Proprietary Influencer Platform

If you have >1 million followers, we provide content related to your Magnifi U courses to help you monetize your social media.

Data & Insights

Reach your current audience with your new content. Expand your audience…globally. Reach a new audience. With Magnifi U data and audience acquisition tools, we can identify and target the audiences who will be moved to action by your content.

Creating takes time! Let’s get started today!

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