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Meet Dr. Shannon Cleverley-Thompson

“I was so thrilled with how the team took my story and helped me engage with a whole new audience!

–Dr. Shannon Cleverley-Thompson, Leadership Educator & Consultant

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We worked with leadership educator and consultant, Dr Shannon Cleverley-Thompson, to convert her post-doctoral research into a Magnifi U learning path. First, we performed a deep dive into her published work and source materials. We organized her intellectual property into a multi-course learning path, determined the interactions to promote retention, and developed outlines for the video scripts.


After agreeing upon the master plan, the teams at Magnifi U wrote master video scripts for each course, created the interactions, and developed “course shells,” which are the blueprints for all our produced courses. With Dr. Cleverley-Thompson’s approval, we were ready to start production.


Still working in close collaboration, the Creative and Production teams aligned on talent, set design, wardrobe, and overall “tone” for the course before a 2-day video production on our state-of-the-art film stage in Syracuse, NY. On a parallel path, we developed the graphic assets for the final videos and wrote the copy required for the courses themselves. After filming, we spent several weeks editing, color correcting, and mixing the sound for each course video.


With final videos and polished course pages in hand, we launched the learning path on our website and promoted it on our social networks. Dr. Cleverley-Thompson was also provided course and promotional assets to share within her own networks to generate additional interest from people outside of the existing Magnifi U user base.

Sharing & Engagement

Accompanying the integrated social campaign was a short film of Dr. Cleverley-Thompson discussing being a working mother during the pandemic and how she applied her professional practices to raising her two sons. This was shared on multiple platforms to promote both Dr. Cleverley-Thompson and the Storytelling as a Leadership Practice learning path.

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