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Brain Matter

Did you know that the drive to persevere starts with your brain chemistry? Your brain produces chemicals that can motivate you to want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, but in order to reach and maintain that state, those chemicals have to be in balance. In this course, you’ll learn how physiology and brain chemistry have a role in leadership success. You’ll also learn how to recognize when your brain chemicals are out of balance and how to reset them so you can continue helping yourself and others.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict is unavoidable. But, when you have an effective conflict resolution strategy, you can help create change on your team and foster greater collaboration. In this course, we’ll help you understand what conflict is, how to identify it in the workplace and online, and how you can overcome it.

Just Do You – Learning Path

20 Course Series
We’re all born with an authentic, dynamic, inspirational leader inside of us. What many people struggle with, however, is bringing that leader to the surface and sharing their best qualities with the people in their lives. The Just Do You Learning Path, based on the book of the same name, will help you discover your own power and potential to lead. You’ll develop your own personal brand and leadership style and gain the confidence to use both to make a powerful impact on the world around you.

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