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We Bring Voices to You to Help Your Community Find Theirs.

Magnifi U Voices events are a place where your community can go to start on their path to purpose. We create opportunities where those in your community can hear from speakers that will inspire them to become more of who they truly are. Come partner with us, and help lift up a new generation of leaders.

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Magnifi U Speaker Series

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Early adulthood is riddled with self-discovery, societal pressures, and finding one’s bearings all while navigating an ever-changing landscape. Through providing guidance and advice, speakers at Magnifi U Voices events help enable students to take control of their future and find their frequency. 

What attendees have said:

“Never give up, we all hold the power to make our lives better!”

rated 4.9 out of 5 by attendees!

Our Most Recent Partnership

In order for Voices to be truly successful our partners must have an equal say in the planning and implementation of the events. Most recently we partnered with St. John Fisher College’s student PR group PRIMA to help bring an incredible lineup of speakers to the university. With the student’s help, we identified speakers that would inspire their peers to find their frequency and discover their purpose. 

Check out the video below to see the full story of our recent partnership with PRIMA.

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V Spehar Magnifi U Voices Event

V Spehar

Our fantastic host for the evening, V, talks about self-confidence and finding your new path through being flexible in times of stress.

Sophia Harvey Magnifi U Voices

Sophia H.

Student contest winner Sophia opens our event by telling us a few lessons she’s learned about body image while navigating social media.

Lori Toscano Magnifi U Voices

Lori Toscano

9/11 Trauma Specialist and licensed therapist Lori Toscano speaks on what it takes to overcome traumatic events.

Ryan Miller Magnifi U Voices Event

Ryan Miller

Founder of Ted X Utica and lover of all things entrepreneurial- Ryan talks about what it takes to find your true passion.

Jillion Potter Magnifi U Voices Event

Jillion Potter

As captain of the 2016 USA Olympic women’s rugby sevens team, Jillion explains what it takes to overcome all odds to achieve your dream

Roddy Chong Magnifi U Voices Event

Roddy Chong

Professional violinist and motivational speaker Roddy Chong inspires us by showing what finding your moment of greatness looks like. 

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