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Stupid-Simple Success: Improve Your Success By Focusing On Theirs

by Todd R. Nordstrom

I can tell you how to get washboard abs in just 20-minutes a day. I can promise to make you a millionaire in just 3 easy steps. And, I can teach you how to find joy in everything you do—and how you can start tomorrow.

Do all the above statements seem far-fetched? Maybe. But, I actually could make those statements, and could seriously offer you detailed prescriptions to achieve each goal. And, you might even be willing to pay me for those details.

The self-help industry has been making big promises, like those above, for many decades. The catch, of course, is that you actually can get a ripped stomach by doing various abdominal exercises for just 20 minutes a day. Except, the diet you’ll need to follow to see those abs isn’t counted in those minutes. And, there are just 3 easy steps to making a million dollars…but those steps might include investing money, time, and effort you can’t afford right now. And, you can also find joy in everything you do, and you can start tomorrow…except a lot of things that don’t bring you joy will never get done.

The self-help industry is great at selling you ideas that promise to improve your life. And, quite frankly, if you follow that advice, most will actually improve your life. But, it’s worth noting, the industry is called “self-help” for a reason. It means you need to help yourself. And, here lies the irony…

While the self-help industry is really good at making promises on how you can improve yourself, the industry often overlooks one of the most profound ways you can improve your life, your business, and your own personal success—by actually improving the lives of others. 

I recently discovered a course for entrepreneurs on Magnifi U that I found fascinating because it covers a topic often overlooked when people start talking about building a business. What is it? 

The creator of the course, Ryan Miller discusses how to Identify gaps or missing steps in your customer journey.” I highly recommend checking out the course, so I won’t dive into his advice, however, consider what this means. In the simplest form, it means looking carefully at how others experience you. It means analyzing each step—through their eyes—of your relationship. And, it means, looking for opportunities to improve each one of those steps. So go ahead, help yourself and take the course today,

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