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6 Rules of Great Interviewing…But There’s Only 1 You Need to Master To Get The Job Offer

by Todd R. Nordstrom

It can feel a bit like a song and dance. You may experience self-doubt. You might feel the desire to overcompensate. And, yes, you might spend a few sleepless nights stressing about an upcoming job interview. That’s normal. However, it doesn’t need to be normal. Here’s why…

Countless websites can give you good advice. In fact, they can offer you great advice. However, there’s something you need to know about all of this advice that is rarely mentioned. What is it? Well, let’s first dissect the ‘standard’ good advice.

  1. Research the company. This might sound like a no-brainer. However, it’s extremely important to NOT overlook research. There’s not a hiring manager alive that will consider you for a job if you show up and ask the question, “What does this company do?” Know the company you’re applying to. Research the entire industry. Go into your interview showing that you have a deep curiosity to learn more. This is simple.
  2. Prepare yourself. Many job seekers will overlook interview preparation. They just won’t do it. Why? Well, it’s not necessarily their fault. We’ve all kind of been trained to assume that a job interview is a responsive process—meaning the employer already has your resume, therefore your job during the interview is simply to answer their questions. But, think about this. The employer already knows your work history. So, why do they want to talk to you? They want to learn about your personal values. They want to know who you are, how you think, and why you want to work for them. And, they want to know how you’ll fit into their team—how you’ll get along with everyone else. Prepare to let them know you.
  3. Dress nice, show up early, and behave. We shouldn’t even have to mention these simple things. But, for some of you rascals, it’s worth repeating. Interviewing is similar to dating. You need to make a great first impression, or you may never get the chance to make a second impression. And, by the way, even if you’re interviewing at place that doesn’t care if you dress nice, are few minutes late, and tolerate a mild extent of rogue behavior, it’s important to realize that someone else—who probably has similar credentials as you—will put the effort into making a fantastic first impression. And, they’ll win. They always do. So, make the best impression you can—to the hiring manager, the receptionist who greets you, and every other person in the company you come in contact with.
  4. Think about how you talk about your team. Okay, so this might not be a standard piece of advice, but I’m going to clump it here anyway. Why? Well, because this should be common sense. If you walk into an interview and bash your former company, the new employer won’t know if you’re telling the truth. Why might they assume you’re simply a disgruntled person? That’s simple. They hardly know you. Even if your former employer was the worst, most toxic, most manipulating organization on the face of the earth, they won’t understand it, because they personally haven’t worked there. But, the opposite is true about positive comments. If you talk kindly about your former employer—even if it wasn’t a great fit—a hiring manager will assume that you’ll also speak kindly of them. Be thoughtful about your responses. Those hiring managers are making a lot of judgements based on your responses. Think.
  5. Resist talking about money or benefits. Alright, I get it. Maybe you’re struggling to make your mortgage, car payment, or put food on the table. Maybe your personal financial stress is at an all-time high. Maybe you simply need health insurance to cover necessary medications. These are very serious and real scenarios. And, the job you’re interviewing for could solve your problems. That’s real, but it’s not why the employer is talking to you. Resist focusing the conversation on why you might need the job. The employer is talking to you in order to figure out WHY they need you—not vice-versa.

If you adhere to the above five rules of interviewing, you should do quite well. However, a good portion of your competitors will also be following the above rules as well. So, how do you stand out? How do you ensure that you get the offer rather than your competitor?

  1. Here’s The 1 Thing That Will Ensure You a Job Offer Every Single Time

Think about this. Companies post job openings when they NEED to fill gaps. They write job descriptions expressing all the duties they NEED to be performed. They might even explain their cultural values. They might post thing like minimum qualifications, descriptions, responsibilities, etc.  And, as a job-seeker/applicant you feel as if it’s your duty to respond. And, it is. You must tell an organization how you’ll fill a gap. But, there’s more…

Throughout everything mentioned about, there’s something every one of should understand before we agree to any job interview. And, if you can understand this, and communicate it, it will land you a job offer every single time.

What is the 1 Thing you need to know? It’s simple: Your job is to increase value.

Increasing value means that you don’t just show up for a job interview to discuss what you did in your past, it means discussing how you will help the organization improve in the future. It means you don’t show for an interview looking for perfect responses to their NEEDS, but instead ideas how you can help them improve on what they WANT. It means you don’t just show up trying to meet their expectations, but instead challenge them on how they can exceed those expectations. Your job in an interview is to not spotlight your achievements, but instead spotlight your goals for your future with them.

  • Research the company so you can help them improve.
  • Prepare yourself to communicate how you specifically will increase value.
  • Make a stellar first impression by not only meeting, but exceeding expectations.
  • Put Your Team First—They’re hear it and love it.
  • Resist talking about your needs and focus on theirs.

In a nutshell, go into your interview showing how you can create more value than they’re paying you. This isn’t just great advice to get a job. It’s the only way you’ll ever get promoted.

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