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About Us

Who We Are

Magnifi U is the realized vision of an innovative author and leader, and the product of a small but fierce team of highly motivated people trying to make a difference. To tear down the barriers between everyday people and their otherworldly dreams. To empower people with knowledge and life experience they don’t always get in school or in the workforce. To ensure that whether or not you fit into a certain mold or learn a certain way, no one is forced to walk a more difficult path to purpose. That’s who we are.

Our Purpose

We are believers in possibility and facilitators of dreams, making real-world knowledge and skills accessible to everyone. We exist to help everyone in our global community clarify what matters to them, to help them live more authentic, meaningful lives, and to magnify the strengths of our next generation of leaders.

Our Promise

Magnifi U teaches tomorrow’s leaders to navigate an increasingly challenging world with confidence and authenticity, recognize their true value and worth, and maximize their human potential.

What’s Next

What’s next is the real deal – the full launch of Magnifi U. So that means we have some work to do. Right now, we’re compiling feedback and troubleshooting the Magnifi U platform, making whatever adjustments we can to deliver an innovative, immersive personal development experience. We hope you’ll jump in, take a look around, and try our courses. Let us know what you think and keep checking back for new content and updates. In the meantime, we’ll be planning and producing our next round of courses, finalizing our influencer and thought leader relationships, and continuing to combine our collective experience and your perspectives to make Magnifi U unlike anything else out there.

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